What Is Reverse Address Lookup?

There were days when our parents or we used to keep a physical diary containing addresses of friends, family members, and other acquaintances. But what about an address where no known person lived? How could you get information about that house or commercial property?

Technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives, and it has also changed how we find out about a particular address. For example, when we move to a new locality now, we won't be totally unaware of the neighborhood. Or we can know about a property without going to a realtor's office. How?

A reverse address lookup helps find the answer to the question: "who lives at this address?" In addition, it helps you uncover a plethora of details other than the owner's name, which can help you better decide if you can buy that property or live freely in the locality of that neighborhood.

What Is Reverse Address Lookup?

What Information Will You Know From a Reverse Address Lookup?

  • Information About the Owners and Tenants

    One can access the names and other details about the current occupants of the property. Current occupants include both the owners and the tenants.

  • Contact Details

    From the reverse address lookup, you can also find the contact details of the occupants, such as the permanent or alternate mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

  • Who Lives in Neighborhood

    A reverse address lookup can also reveal individual and aggregate details about a neighborhood. While the former includes addresses and details of those living nearby and the latter consists of demographical information about the area.

  • Details About the Property

    A reverse address lookup can also reveal details about the property, such as the layout, area (square footage), total number of rooms, bedrooms, etc.

  • Records in Public Domain

    These include public records such as marital or divorce records, criminal or arrest records, etc. which gives an honest insight into the owner's life.

  • Information on Past Owners

    It can also reveal details about the past owners who lived there or owned that property.

How Does Address Lookup Work?

A reverse address lookup is integrated with the public records, and it sifts through them when an entry is sent to the serves. As addresses are constantly added or updated, a consolidated database contains all these details. The reverse address lookup comprises two APIs: a "Find Request" and an "Obtain Request." While the first one helps narrow down the search results, the other recovers the address to obtain a formatted address in postal criteria.

When you conduct an address lookup, a Follow Request is followed by the Obtain Request. In other words, when our server gets an entry, it generates an address ID through the Follow Request, which is given to an API. This address ID is then used to retrieve matching addresses through the Obtain Request.

How to Use Reverse Address Lookup with RealPeopleFinder?

We have created a user-friendly platform that lets you find details about any address and neighborhood without any hassle. Because our interface has been designed keeping the user's convenience in mind, the entire process of using reverse address lookup on RealPeopleFinder can be understood in a few simple steps. These are as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the home page of our website.

  • Step 2: Click on the address lookup option to get a new window opened.

  • Step 3: When it opens, locate the search bar on the page and enter the address there.

  • Step 4: Finally, click on the search button to get the matching results.

Why Use an Address Lookup?

Know Your New Neighborhood

Are you shifting to a new locality where you do not know anybody? You don't need to worry because you can get to know that neighborhood even before you get there and start living. The information about your new area is just a few clicks away with the reverse address lookup.

Verify the Legitimacy of Online Sellers

There are hundreds of e-commerce websites that have cropped up in recent years, consisting of millions of online sellers. So, how do you ensure that an online seller is genuine? You can use reverse address lookup to find details about the seller to reveal if they are real.

Check the Details of the Property You Plan to Buy

Are you planning to buy a new house but are unsure about the buyer's legitimacy and the details realtor is presenting you? Check all these details with the help of reverse address lookup, as it can fetch you details about both the buyer and the property he is selling.

Get Information About a Neighborhood

If you are new to the area and wondering what you can find nearby, reverse address lookup is the tool you must you. It can give you details about the places you can explore in your new neighborhood.

To Keep Your Address Book Updated

Many of us have a habit of maintaining an address book where we keep a record of the mailing and residential addresses of the people we know. A reverse address lookup is one of the best ways to keep this address book updated if someone moves to another place.

Reconnect with Old Buddies

Time can be so cruel sometimes as, more often than not, we lose contact with an old buddy with whom we spent a major portion of our childhood. With the reverse address lookup, you can reconnect with your old buddy.


What is a reverse address lookup?

A reverse address lookup is an online tool that sifts through the public records to fetch you details about the occupants (previous and current owners as well as tenants), information about the neighborhood, property details, etc.

Is the information provided by RealPeopleFinder accurate?

RealPeopleFinder is integrated with the public records from different levels of administration: the federal, state, county, and municipal. These records are updated in real-time so that our platform provides you with data without any false or fabricated information.

Can I get details of the assets on the property with the reverse address lookup?

No, an address lookup only provides wit the value and layout of the property. For example, you can access information about the total number of rooms or total square footage, but it does not give details of the assets on the property.

Can I ensure in any way that others do not search about my property on RealPeopleFinder?

Yes, we value the privacy of our users. Therefore, if someone wants to get the details of their property removed, they can opt out. All they need to do is contact our helpdesk and raise the issue with the assistance team. The details of their property will be removed within a few days.

Will the property owner be getting a notification if I search for an address?

No, as we do not track your searches and our server is totally encrypted, the owner of the property won't be getting any notification if you search an address.

Try Your First Address Lookup Here!

Searching for an address on reverse address lookup is not a curiosity. In fact, it has become a necessity these days. But how would you know who is living down the street where your children play? What if a criminal or sex offender lives there? It can be a potential threat, but our address lookup tool lets you know about such dangers.

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