What Is Reverse Email Lookup?

Just like your name is an identity marker in the physical world, an email address serves as an identity marker in the digital world. An email address is needed almost everywhere nowadays, like registering on a website, posting on a forum, creating a social media account, or filling out a digital form.

In addition, hundreds of billions of emails are sent each day worldwide. A share of these emails would land up in your inbox as well. So, how do you plan to determine which one of these emails is genuine and legitimate? This is where reverse email lookup comes into the picture.

A reverse email lookup on RealPeopleFinder is an online tool that enables you to find the person's true identity to whom a particular email address is attached. In this way, you can decide which emails are genuine and which ones are potential threats.

What Is Reverse Email Lookup?

What Can You Know from an Email Search?

  • Get Contact Information

    If you search for an email address on our platform, you will obtain the person's contact details attached to it. These include phone numbers, alternate email addresses, current and previous residential addresses, etc.

  • Find Social Media Handles

    Anybody's social media profiles can give you valuable insights into the life of any person. For example, our reverse address lookup lets you find out the social media handles attached to a particular email address.

  • Checks Public Records

    One can also access a multitude of public records relating to a person using the email address. These records include marriage or divorce certificates, court records, criminal and arrest records, etc.

  • Provides Details of Possible Relatives and Associates

    Search for a person's known relatives and associates on RealPeopleFinder and how you can contact them.

  • Current and Previous Addresses

    The reverse email lookup will also fetch you the current address where the person is living. In addition, you will obtain details of their previous addresses.

  • Aliases and Approximate Age

    One can also access personal details of the person using the email address, like nicknames, aliases, approximate age, etc.

How Does Email Lookup Work?

Finding the owner of an email address is a complex process. However, you can try to find such details via search engines like Google, Bing, etc. But more often than not, you will come back empty-handed. This is because search engines can find email addresses that have been posted on the public domain, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The problem is that primarily businesses share their email addresses on social media handles. So, there is no way for traditional search engines to find details about an owner of an email address.

Moreover, there are no "yellow pages" or bulky directories where you can get a list of which email addresses belong to whom. Nor are there any area codes to find out the location of the person attached to the email address.

A reverse phone lookup is integrated with the public records, and this is how it finds an email address. This tool provides valuable information about the sender, which lets you decide if the email address is genuine and legitimate.

Why Should You Conduct a Reverse Email Lookup?

There are many good reasons why one should conduct a reverse phone lookup. The following are some of the most common ways why you must use this online tool on our platform to find the true identity of the owner of an email address:

Find a Legitimate Online Buyer/Seller

Sellers are actually scattered around the e-commerce sites nowadays, but what to do if you have doubts about their legitimacy. Run a reverse phone lookup before you make a transaction to be on the safer side.

Find Out About the People Added in a Group Email

This situation arises almost with all of us when we are added to a group email for a workplace or social event, but we do not recognize most of the people added with us. In this scenario, it is best to use RealPeopleFinder reverse email search to ascertain their identities.

Be Certain by Checking the Identity of Person You Met on Online Dating Platform

How often do we meet someone from the online dating platform and build interest in them? But this is no hidden fact that most surveys have made it clear that more than half of Americans lie in their dating profiles. So, it is better to check the details about a person on the reverse email lookup tool before you move ahead in your relationship.

Track a Long Lost Friend or Colleague

It happens with most of us that we lose touch with our old buddies and colleagues as time flows. But, you can now find the contact details and the residential address of your lost-lost friend or coworker by searching their email address on our platform.

How to Perform an Email Lookup Online?

Using RealPeopleFinder

RealPeopleFinder is a user-friendly platform that provides a reverse email lookup tool that enables finding the owner's true identity. Follow these steps to conduct an email search:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of RealPeopleFinder. Find the phone lookup tool and click on it.

  • Step 2: When the new window pops up, locate the search box where you can enter the email address.

  • Step 3: Finally, hit the search button to get the relevant results.

Using Search Engines

Another way is to look for the owner of an email address on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. However, it must be noted that the ambit of traditional search engines in finding an email address owner is quite limited. They can only fetch details about the person if their email is posted in the public domain.

Looking on Social Media

You can also search for the person attached with an email address on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. All you have to do is enter the email address in the search and click on the search icon. If the person has posted their email address, you can find basic information like name, date of birth, job, location, etc.

Using Browser Extension

A lot of browser extensions are also available that can provide you with details about the person using the particular email address. However, it must be noted that these extensions charge specific subscription fees for the services they deliver.

Understand Your Email Rights

While it is legal for businesses to send emails for marketing purposes, individuals have specific rights when they receive an email. However, it must be noted that companies need to comply with certain provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act when using email marketing. These are as follows:

  • Each marketing email must carry the sender's full name along with the company's name and address of the registered office.
  • A subject line must clearly represent the purpose of sending the email.
  • The sender must also denote that the email is for promotional purposes.
  • The company must also provide an opt-out service, the request of which has to be processed within ten days.

If a company violates the provisions of the law, it will be fined as mentioned in the act.


What is a reverse email lookup?

A reverse email lookup is an online tool that can help a user identify the person's true identity attached to a particular email address. One can also expect to find many additional details along with the personal biodata.

Is the data provided by RealPeopleFinder accurate?

Our platform is integrated with public records. Moreover, it is updated in real-time which means that there are no changes in the fabrication of data you receive.

What are the details I can find by conducting a reverse email lookup?

A reverse email lookup not just lets you get the name of the person using a particular, but it provides much other important information. For instance, you can also find their nicknames, aliases, age, contact details, mailing addresses, etc.

What are the charges for conducting a reverse email lookup on RealPeopleFinder?

Since we aim to provide pocket-friendly and affordable solutions, our services are incredibly accessible, and there are no additional or hidden charges.

How to conduct a reverse email lookup on RealPeopleFinder?

First of all, open the website's home page and click on the phone lookup section. Now, enter the email address and click on the search icon to get the relevant results.

Will the email address be getting a notification if I run a reverse email lookup?

Since our website is encrypted, there’s no way for anyone to track your searches. This is why the email address does not receive any notification if you search for it.

Try Your First Reverse Email Lookup Now!

Our reverse email lookup tool is the most popular and efficient tool available out there. It helps you safeguard your interests and protects you from potential threats. So, use RealPeopleFinder reverse email look to find out any person's name, phone number, address, etc. Let us help simplify this complex process in your email address search.

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